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Market Night Sunday 24th of November, 7.30 pm Qld time on our Facebook site

Ssshhhh.... It's a secret.... We are having another Market Night on Facebook Sunday 24 th of November at  7.30 pm Qld time

Our New Designs

Market Night ad. Tuesday September 24

Next Market Night Tuesday July 23.2013 8.30 pm Qld Time

Market Night on Facebook

Marekt Night on Facebook, Thursday June 27…8.30 pm Qld timeMarket Night on Facebook Thursday June 27. 8.30 pm

Silver Spoon Stone Bracelets

Vosca jewellery collage

 Artisan Silver Spoon Jewelry since 2008

Creator of the ‘half & half” Stone Spoon Bracelet…..a nice combination with a bit of Vintage flair combined with some ¬†inspiration and the beauty of semi-precious Gemstones

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